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  • Complaint Management Software
  • Online Complaint Management Software
  • Billing Management
  • Printers and Copiers Management Software
  • Accounting Management
  • ERP
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Welcome to R Plus Software Products

R Plus have many software products like R Plus CRM, AMC Management Software, Complaint Management System, Stock Management Software, Online Point of Sale Application and our other services like website and E-Commerce development. R Plus has an origin in Asia With a team of software industrial experts. Our Vision is to provide an user-friendly software as per client requirement with international standard at economic price. Learn more
New Launch - RPlus CRM (Version 7.0)
What is new in version 7.0
  • Notfication for followups (today, missed and future)
  • Smart notification for all tasks (yours and team)
  • Manage all task using task box

CRM Software

Boost your sales and marketing

CRM Software ensure to improve the productivity of your sales and marketing.
CRM package contains
  • Tele calling and followups
  • Leads and followups
  • Allows Tele Caller to Work with Sales Team
  • Quotation preparation
  • Sales analysis
  • Analyze Tele Calling and Sales Activities

Why R Plus

R plus is the first India based software company which provides a live 15 days software demo trial, you can try and buy. After a deep study of software usage and technology update, R Plus come up with extraordinary technology platform which maintains international standard with economic price and suitable small, large and mid-level company. We have many unique features which you cannot find in any software. Our clients are 100% satisfied with our service and software.

Supports Multi device

Rplus software products are browser based application, so you can host our application on your local desktop / laptop or on your server to use the software off line without internet. Using LAN connection you can access the software from other computer. Rplus software products can also be hosted on cloud or static IP to use the software online from different locations you can manage your multiple locations with real time data and updated reports.

Our Pricing

Rplus Product has a clear and fixed pricing without any hidden cost. You can compare our pricing and feature with any software, we are best in pricing and features. We have a very competitive pricing in software. Try and buy the best software with international standard and budgeted cost for small, mid-level and big companies.

Host R Plus Products Anywhere

  • You can install R plus Software in Desktop/Laptop/server
  • Access the software through LAN if the software is hosted on any PC/Server in LAN
  • Host the software on cloud and access from anywhere in the world using internet
  • Mange software using Mobile application for software hosted on cloud
Cloud Hosting

What do you want to manage?

AMC Management Software

AMC Management Software will make sure that you give service to the customers as promised on time. You will not lose any customer because of not giving service on particular time. You can generate AMC leads from your existing customers by provide service on time and even creating new leads for AMC system. This software is very much suitable for any service provider based industry like CCTV Installation/Service, AC (Air Conditioner) Repairing and Service, Computer Repairing and Service etc. Learn more
AMC Management Software
Complaint Management Software

Complaint Management Software

Complaint Management Software can be used in any customer support center where complaint logged every day. Complaint management software will make sure that you will not miss any complaint raised by customer. Once the complaint is logged customer will receive acknowledgment via SMS and email, client can track his complaint status online using his use id and password. Every customer will be given a different user id and password auto generated by the software to manage their complaint and services, there is a two way communication between the customer and the support team for every complaint. This will create history of each complaint and it can be used for your future reference. Your business and your customer will be updated by the latest technology which will increase your business as well as your customer business. Learn more

Stock Management Software

Stock Management Software can be used in all inventory management firms. You can track your godown stock by category and product, also this will have a history of stock movement. Using this application you can create your purchase order with a standard format and can be converted to stock in automatically. It can manage multiple stock in against same purchase order, so you can track your material movement against each purchase order. You can make the purchase and sales by using barcode and serial no so that you can track your product history. Learn more
Stock Management Software
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